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Nervous Germans

Nervous Germans

At the beginning of 1980 I formed Nervous Germans with Micki Meuser, Edgar Liebert & Manni Holländer. We gigged all over Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, The U.K., Switzerland & Austria. Anywhere with a mains supply, basically.

Demos recorded with Conny Plank led to a legendary Bob Sargeant produced John Peel Session on BBC Radio One.

"Nervösen Deutschen" released in the UK (Rondolet Records), Germany (Vertigo) and and in the US (Shatter) reached #51 in the US College Charts.

The 2nd album "Summer of Love" consolidated this success and led to much touring.

Micki and I were the backbone of an often changing line of band members. Subsequent line-ups included Robbie Vondenhoff (Zeltinger Band, Ina Deter), Wölfi Günnewig, Steve Carroll (Praying Mantis), Udo Dahmen (Kraan), Mike Rossi (Slaughter & the Dogs), Alan Darby (Cockney Rebel, Eric Clapton), Hitta Thomas, Frank Jermann.....


Nervösen Deutschen

Album Up Records, later Vertigo 1981 Germany


These boots are made for walking

Single Rondelet Records 1982 UK


Summer of love

Album Vertigo 1983

Nervous Germans Bandcamp page where you can hear and buy all our stuff produced in the 21st century.