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Welcome to my music!

Welcome to my music!

Welcome to my homepage!

So what do Percy Sledge, unheilig and Nazareth have in common? The voice and songs of Grant Stevens! And it's all here....

This website´s all about the music. And what I´ll be doing with it in the future. For those interested in that sort of thing, the past is also well represented with pics, info and YouTube links. And if you think you´re ready to be a rockstar I can also help you with Voice Training if you happen to live in Berlin.

From my first band in Sydney, to London and the Soho Jets to Nervous Germans onto unheilig then my million seller "Everlasting Friends", musicals, tours and films and on to successful songwriting at Sony/ATV on.....

Since 2012 my main priority is and will be Nervous Germans.