The vinyl countdown...

The vinyl countdown...

Soho Jets

Hi Heel Tarzan Polydor 1975

Denim Goddess Polydor 1975


Ascension Day Polydor 1977

The Idle Rich Charisma 1978

Nervous Germans

Nervösen Deutschen Vertigo 1981

These Boots are made for Walking Rondelet 1982

Summer of Love Vertigo 1983

Volatile 2014

From Prussia with Love 2015

The creeps are back in town 2017

The Window Speaks

Something´s gotten hold of my Heart CBS 1985

In the Land of Cristobal CBS 1987

Heartland CBS 1987

Man of the World CBS 1987

Walk through the Storm CBS 1987

Grant Stevens

Grant Stevens CBS 1989

A Touching Memory CBS 1989

The Seven Seas CBS 1989

Grant Stevens EMI 1999

Depp Jones

Return to Caramba! CBS 1990

Noble Creed

Ist Extended Play Orduro 1993

For Your Pleasure Orduro 1995

Rhythm Corporation

Wild for You Metronome 1994

Grant Stevens

Everlasting Friends EMI 1998

Grant Stevens EMI 1999


Phosphor Bloodline 2000

Jens O & Ti-Mo

The Power of Love Yawa 2010

Soundtrack to Wim Wenders' film "The Goalkeeper's Fear of the Penalty" 1972.

Peter Hofmann

Wild and Lonely Heart CBS 1991

I wrote the lyrics to the album

Jürgen Marcus

Liberation Day A&M 1990


Discography highlights

Kuschelrock 2 – Something´s gotten hold of my heart,

The Window Speaks 1,000,000 + units sold

Peter Hofmann – Wild & lonely heart.

(lyricist) over 250,000 units sold

Bravo Hits, Best of ´98- Everlasting Friends

over 1,000,000 units sold

Sampler - Everlasting Friends

over 100,000 units sold in Austria

Sampler - Everlasting Friends

over 100,000 units sold in Switzerland